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Step #1 Phone Interview

An in depth interview will be conducted to determine whether or not you are a good fit for one of our upcoming book releases.

Step #2 Evaluation

Our editor, managing editor and founders will review interview notes and applicant background information.

Step #3 Content Selection

If approved, the final step is content submission. Applicant can use one of our ghostwriters if preferred.

We love books.

Have you ever wanted to become a published author? Or are you a published author but want to expand your current reader base? Benefit from co authoring one of our upcoming books.

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Our streamlined publishing and marketing process makes getting your writing out efficient and fast without sacrificing quality. 

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We've published 150+ authors and 20+ books.

“We are creating a Tools of Titans so that our readers get access to subject matter from experts at the top of their respective industries.”

-Michael Navarre, Agency Owner at Farmers Insurance

"My experience was eye opening and amazing. Working with Mission Matters is like working alongside long time friends and mentors. They are so welcoming and encouraging. My favorite part about sharing my story was realizing that I actually had a story! That this was an untapped niche and learning about the experiences of my fellow authors. Each individual is so unique and wonderful."

-Elizabeth Yeo, Vice President of Sales Margaret May Insurance

"Excited about providing a wealth of knowledge and giving individuals an inside view from a legal perspective about the good and bad about investing in real estate in California. Can’t wait to collaborate and supplement what the other authors are creating."

-Ray Kermani, Partner of Kermani, LLP.

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